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The Greater Baltimore Cares Team with support from our partner Dovestech LLC recruited young mentors to support the Associated Black Charities and Capital One partnership to train senior citizens on the use of computers and the benefits of online banking. Ready, Set, Bank™ is a new FREE educational tool designed to help older adults bridge the digital divide and leverage online banking to better manage their money and enhance their financial well-being. Capital One recognizes the importance of ensuring all people have the skills necessary to successfully manage their personal finances. That’s why they partnered with leaders in the fields of digital learning, aging and technology – to develop Ready, Set, Bank™ – a generic, non-branded instruction tool that is easy to use, engaging, and helpful to older adults at any stage of computer knowledge.

The Greater Baltimore Care Mentors set up computers donated by Greater Baltimore Cares, participated in the required mentor training and participated in delivering the program and its benefits over a series of sessions. The program was a great success providing our young mentors with the wisdom of our older generation and the program participants received the wisdom of modern internet usage and the benefits of online banking from their young instructors.

Capital One reports that Older adults lose billions of dollars each year as a result of financial scams. Online banking has the power to transform the way older adults manage their money and protect themselves and Ready, Set, Bank™ explains how. Highlights from the videos include: detecting irregular transactions, password best practices and spotting scams. Dovestech LLC provided its expertise in cyber security in support of the sessions, further augmenting the already excellent content provided by the Ready, Set, Bank curriculum.

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