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Many who were at our recent For the Love of our Children Gala have reached out to ask National CARES what else can be done right now to advance our healing work.

We are beyond grateful for such thoughtful requests. Resources for children in poverty have decreased while their needs have increased. This is how you can help: Please join us in launching the Million Candles Super Mentors Campaign, an undertaking informed by our nation’s history of Black and White abolitionists who risked their lives by placing a lit candle in their window so that those escaping along the Underground Railroad would know they had found safe harbor. The Rising — the only national effort created to disrupt the trauma, multiple harms and dream-crushing loss of hope borne of poverty — is safe harbor for our children. We know because our young ones tell us so again and again, and you can help bring our life-transforming mentoring program to more children more swiftly by becoming a campaign initiator and donating between $1,000 and $5,000 now. CARES is poised to sequentially replicate the Rising beyond the three cities it’s now in, and where the Rising students in our video come from. They share how their lives, despite all that they have faced, have begun to heal. Become a Campaign Conductor! Tell your friends about our life-transforming work! Show them the video of our students. Ask them to join the movement to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Ask them to join you, to light a candle in the window.

No more broken promises to the children! That’s our promise. All of our funds are devoted to ending the crisis. There is no waste at CARES. Our devoted leaders at headquarters and in 58 cities are working every day to create new futures for our precious youngsters, and your support will ensure training and capacity building for our Affiliate leaders, psychologists and wellness experts who will implement the Rising. The suffering of our children has called us to action! Their pain is our mandate and their testimonies prove our method. We need only the means! Light a Candle in the Window. Encourage others to light the way! Like the courageous conductors of the Underground Railroad, let us link arms and aims, stand rooted in the faith that we have all that we need to build a new world for our children — to bring healing to ourselves, our communities and our nation. We, the People!

Thank you so much for supporting the movement. Thank you for your help.

For the children…

Susan L. Taylor