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pianoIn cooperation with Greater Baltimore Cares and its mission to create and foster mentoring initiatives that uplift and empower the community and our youth, The Eubie Blake Cultural Center has agreed to accept a donation of a Baby Grand Piano and bench donated by the Executive Directors of Greater Baltimore Cares.

In seeking out a recipient for the donation it was important that the kids from the Baltimore City Community be positively impacted by having access to musical education and all of its connections to history, culture and math through the use of the piano as a foundation. Armando and Kathy Seay stated when asked about their objectives for the donation “That The Eubie Blake Cultural Center met and exceeded the goal.”

The Seay’s were inspired when they recently visited the show room and piano education center for one of the world’s iconic piano brands. As they toured the facility, young kids no older than 10 and some as young as 6 and 7 frolicked through the show room from piano to piano and each played complex classical music arrangements with such ease, confidence and grace. As the Seay’s engaged the kids in conversation in this musical playground they learned that some of the kids had been studying piano since the age of 4 or 5. The kids approached each instrument with such grace, respect and posture. Mind you, some of these pianos had price tags of over $100,000.00, these kids were not intimidated! It was clear that even on a bright sunny weekend, these kids were spending some time learning and applying their musical skills in a safe and nourishing environment but also they had a sense of pride and confidence. Inner city kids need access to something like this the Seays said to each other. Music is a way to express yourself but also it is a great diverse learning platform and involves mental and physical discipline.

The Seays also noted when asked about the donation the endless number of studies that confirm that music is the key to the door that opens up the room to so many enriching learning experiences that include math and history. Some say that the “M” in STEM Education should stand for music as well.

Eubie Blake was born in Baltimore and his musical genius as a composer, lyricist and pianist of ragtime jazz made him one of Baltimore’s legendary African American cultural inspirations known throughout the world. Blake received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his accomplishments in October of 1981 from President Ronald Reagan.

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys of learning.” – Plato

For more information on the Eubie Blake Cultural Center follow the link.